“Gilbert Cares” strives to integrate all sources of community volunteers, with emphasis on organized youth groups, in refurbishing and maintaining the homes of the elderly, the disabled, and families-at-risk throughout Gilbert and the surrounding East Valley communities.


“Gilbert Cares” serves all residents of the Greater Gilbert Community by providing empowerment, involvement, mentoring, educational and vocational assistance, and community service opportunity to our youth; by helping in providing futures to our elderly and disabled; by providing stability to our families, and by providing character to our community.

Strategic Objectives

  • Refurbish and maintain the homes of all elderly and disabled residents of the Greater Gilbert Community who are physically and financially unable to provide this support for themselves.
  • Provide continuous community service opportunity for all citizens, with emphasis on the optimal use of the productive energy of our youth.
  • Provide educational, vocational and professional development opportunity for all citizens, with specific emphasis on the empowerment of our youth.
  • Conduct scientific/engineering research designed to enhance the comfort, independence and self-esteem of the elderly, disabled, and families-at-risk of the Greater Gilbert Community.

To volunteer or to contribute, call (480) 857-8581.

Contributions are needed!

Next Project Date Is Approaching!

Contributions of materials, supplies, and funds are also desperately needed!


"Gilbert Cares" volunteers will be visiting neighborhoods to acquaint residents with the project and to assist in completing applications.